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Toski Sands provides the finest quality of beef, poultry, pork, lamb, veal and sausage on the market.

It’s time to be thinking about your Thanksgiving Turkey.  We’ve been selling Biehl’s Fresh Turkey out of Mancelona for decades. Call to place your order.

Both USDA Prime & Choice Whole Tenderloins and Standing Ribs roasts are available everyday. They’re a special treat for the holidays.

  • USDA Prime New York Strips, Tenderloins & Delmonicos (raised without antibiotics & hormones, grass fed, finished with corn in last 30 days)
    Check out our visit to the Double R Ranch the 70,000 acres (free range) ranch where all our prime beef is raised.
    Double R Ranch - Washington USDA Prime Delmonicos

    Double R Ranch – Washington
    USDA Prime Delmonicos

  • All our beef is USDA Choice, Aged for 21+ days
  • Fresh Ground Chuck, Sirloin & Tenderloin (we’re grinding throughout the day) – the tastiest burgers
  • Local Chicken (raised without antibiotics & hormones)
  • Local Lamb & Buffalo
  • Beeler’s Pork Tenderloin & Baby Back Ribs (raised without antibiotics & hormones)
  • House-Made Jerky, Sausage & Meatballs
  • Many “Hard To Find” special cuts
  • We’re always happy to cut to your personal preference

Market: 231-347-1571

Party Store: 231-347-9631

Fax: 231-347-3542