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Coming Soon: Goose Island Bourbon County (stop in to get your name on the list), Nov. Speciation releases, 


November: Connecticut Valley Brewing, Bell’s This One Goes to 11, Bell’s Bright White


The Beer List


Brewer Selection
Annheiser-Busch Brewing CO
Budweiser Budweiser Chelada
Bud Light Bud Light Chelada
  Bud Light Straw A Rita
  Bud Light Lemon Ade Rita
Bud Light Lime Bud Light Lima-a-rita
Bud Select  
Busch Busch Light
  Natural Light
Coors Brewing CO
Coors Coors Light
Jos Schlitz Brewing CO
Old Milwaukee  
Leinenkugel Brewing CO
Grapefruit Shandy  
Summer Shandy Orange Shandy
Sunset Wheat Canoe Paddler
Miller Brewing CO
Miller High Life Miller Lite
Miiler Genuine Draft Miller 64
Milwaukee’s Best
Michelob Brewing CO
Michelob Ultra Michelob Ultra Gold
Shock Top Original
Redd’s Brewing CO
Redd’s Apple Ale Redd’s Wicked Ale
Sam Adam’s Brewing CO
Boston Lager  
Miscellaneous Domestics
Blue Moon  
Killians Landshark
Pabst Rolling Rock
Mike’s Hard Lemonade
Black Cherry Watermelson
Lemonade Original Strawberry Lemonade
Smirnoff Mixed Drinks
Raspberry Smirnoff Ice
Beck’s Buckler
Kaliber LaBatt N/A
O’Douls Erdinger


O’mission Lager O’mission Pale
New Belgium Glutiny O’mission IPA
Stone Delicious IPA Shorts Space Rock
Red Bridge
Hard Ciders
Angry Orchard Angry Orchard Seasonal
Assorted Starcut Assorted Farmhouse
Assorted Blake’s  Strongbow
Assorted Tandem (Suttons Bay) Assorted Vandermill (Spring Lake)
 Assorted JK’sRekorderlig


Brewer Selection
Beck’s Brewing CO
Beck’s Original  
Guiness Brewing CO
Guiness Draught Stout  
Guiness Stout  
Heineken Brewing CO
Heineken Heineken Light
Labatt Brewing CO
Labatt Blue Labatt Blue Light
Lindeman’s Brewing CO
Framboise (raspberry) Kriek (Black Cherry)
Peche (peach)


Molson Brewing CO
Molson Canadian Molson Golden
Molson XXX  
New Castle Brewing CO
New Castle Brown ALE  
Unibroue Brewing CO
Don De Dieu Ephemere
La Fin Du Monde Maudite
Trois Pistoles
Amstel Light Bass Ale
Belhaven Bitburger
Boddington’s Ale Corona
Corona Light Dos Equis Amber Ale
Dos Equis Lager Fullers ESB
Fullers London Pride Fosters Lager
Fosters Bitters Grolsch
Hacker Pschorr Harp
  Lion Stout
Lion Imperial Moosehead
Negra Modelo Old Speckled Hen
Pacifico Peroni
Pilsner Urquell Red Stripe
Samuel Smith Sapporro
Schneider Weiss Skull Splitter
  St. Pauli Girl
Stella Artois Tecate
Tsingtao Xingu
Young’s Double Chocolate Stout
KEGS (1/6), (1/4), and (1/2) Barrels
Bass Pale Ale $163.00 (1/2)
Dos Equis Amber/Lager $133.00 (1/2)
Guiness Stout $181.00 (1/2)
Heineken $140.00 (1/2)
Hoegaarden $155.00 (1/2)
Newcastle $159.00 (1/2)
Stella Artois $174.00 (1/2)

NATIONAL MICROBREWS NOTE: Many of the listed beers are seasonal and are only available during certain times of the year.

Brewer/Category Location Selection
Alaskan Brewing CO Brewed in: Juneau, AK
Amber Freeride (Pale Ale)
Hopthermia (DIPA) Icy Bay IPA
Pumpkin Porter Winter
Anchor Steam Brewing CO Brewed in: San Fransico, CA
Anchor Steam Beer  
Big Sky Brewing CO Brewed in: Missoula, MT
  Moose Drool (Brown Ale)
Epic Brewing CO Brewed in: Salt Lake City, UT
Big Bad Baptist (Imperial Stout) Hop Syndrome Lager
Imperial IPA  
Goose Island Brewing CO Brewed in: Chicago, IL
312 Bourbon County Stout
Festivity Ale Harvest Ale
Honkers Ale IPA
Matilda Sofie
Great Lakes Brewing CO Brewed in: Cleveland, OH
Year Round  
Burning River Dortmunder
Edmund Fitzgerald  
Christmas Ale (November) Oktoberfest (August)
Lake Erie Monster (May) Black Out Stout (November)
Nosferatu Imperial Red (September) Chillwave Double IPA (March)
Rye of the Tiger IPA (April) The Wright Pils (June)
Conway’s Irish Ale (January)  
Kona Brewing CO Brewed in: Kona, HI
Big Wave Longboard
Castaway IPA  
Lagunitas Brewing CO Brewed in: Petaluma, CA
Brown Shugga Sucks
Censored Ale Hop Stoopid
Imperial Stout IPA
Little Sumpin’ Ale Little Sumpin Sumpin Extra
Little Sumpin Wild Lucky #13
Maximus New Dog Town
Left Hand Brewing CO Brewed in: Fort Collins, CO
Milk Stout Nitro Stout
Mercury (Clown Shoes) Brew CO Brewed in: Ipslich, MA
Chocolate Sombrero Clementine (White Ale)
Hoppy Feet (Black IPA) Galactic
Evil Crawfish Third Party Candidate
ArchDruid Blaecorn Unidragon
Undead Party Crasher Brown Angel
The Angel of Mackinac Space Cake
The Barista Cosmic Farmer
Tramp Stamp (Belgian IPA)
New Belgian Brewing CO Brewed in: Fort Collins, CO
Year Round  
Fat Tire Amber Ale Ranger
  Glutiny (Gluten Free)
Slowride Snow Day
Super IPA Trippel
Accumulation (White IPA) Red Hoptober
Peach Porch Rocker Abbey Belgian Ale
1554 Black Ale
Northcoast Brewing CO Brewed in: Fort Bragg, CA
Old Rasputin Old Stock Ale
Red Seal
Oskar Blues Brewing CO Brewed in: Longmont, CO
Dale’s Pale Ale  
Mama’s Lil Yellow Pils  
Ommegang Brewing CO Brewed in: Cooperstown, NY
Abbey Ale Hennepin
Game Of Thrones  
Great Divide Brewed in: Colorado
Titan IPA Collette
Hey Day Yeti Stout
Rogue Brewing CO Brewed in: Newport, OR
  Assorted Styles
Sierra Nevada Brewing CO Brewed in:Chico, CA
Year Round  
Pale Ale Torpedo Extra IPA
Hazy Little Thing Otra Vez
Northern Hemisphere Ovila Dubbel
Ovila Belgian Style Golden Beer Camp
Big Foot (Barley Wine) Ruthless Rye IPA
Narwhal (Imperial Stout) Tumbler (Autumn Ale)
Celebration (Fresh Hopped Ale Glissade
Hefeweizen Nooner
Hoptimum Kellerweis
Trip in the Woods, Barrel Aged Series  
Stone Brewing CO Brewed in: Escondido, CA
Arrogant Bastard Ale Cali-Belgie
Double Bastard Milk Stout
Oaked Arrogant Bastard Old Gaurdian (Barley & Wine)
Old Gaurdian (Oak-Smoked) Pale Ale
Ruination Smoked Porter
Stone IPA Sublimely Righteous Ale
Vertical Limit (Anniversary Ale)
Terrapin Beer Co.  Brewed in: Atlanta, GA
Hopsecutioner Hi-5
Bokrijks (Belgian) Brother Thelonious
Dark Island Delirium Nocturnum
Delirium Tremens Dragonmead (Final Absolution)
Dudes Rug  
Froach Heather Ale Golden Draak
Orval Piraat
  Red McGregor
Victory Storm King Zombie Killer
40 oz Beers
    Busch Light
KEGS (1/6), (1/4), and (1/2) Barrels
Angry Orchard $60.00 (1/6), $151.00 (1/2)
Blue Moon $145.00 (1/2)
Budweiser $50.00 (1/4), $95.00 (1/2)
Bud Light $50.00 (1/4), $95.00 (1/2)
Busch and Busch Light $78.00 (1/2)
Coors Light $50.00 (1/4), $95.00 (1/2)
Michelob Amberbock $38.00 (1/6), $98.00 (1/2)
Michelob Light $98.00 (1/2)
Miller High Life $67.00 (1/2)
Miller Lite $50.00 (1/4), $95.00 (1/2)
Molson Canadian $43.00 (1/6), $95.00 (1/2)
Natural Light $71.00 (1/2)
Rolling Rock $72.00 (1/2)
Killians $48.00 (1/6), $93.00
Labatt Blue and Labatt Light $51.00 (1/4), $95.00 (1/2)
Leinenkugel’s Original Premium $106.00 (1/2)
Magic Hat #9 $70.00 (1/6), $158.00 (1/2)
New Belgian: Fat Tire and Ranger $68.00 (1/6), $158.00 (1/2)
Sam Adam’s $66.00 (1/6), $154.00 (1/2)

NOTE: Many of the listed beers are seasonal and are only available during certain times of the year.

Brewer/Category Location Selection
Arbor Brewing CO Brewed in: Ypsilanti, MI Will order on request
Arcadia Brewing CO Brewed in: Battle Creek, MI
  Whitsun Wheat Ale
Bells Brewing CO Brewed in: Kalamazoo,MI
Amber Ale Anniversary Ale
Best Brown Ale Christmas Ale
Consecrator Dopplebock Expedition Stout
Hell Hath No Fury Hop Slam
Java Stout Kalamazoo Stout
Lager of the Lakes  
Oarsman Oberon
Octoberfest Oracle
Pale Ale  
Porter Smitten
Special Double Cream Stout  
Third Coast Old Ale  
Two Hearted Ale  
Winter White Ale
Blackrocks Brewing CO Brewed in:Marquette, MI
51k IPA Coconut Brown
Grand Rabbitts North Third Stout
Honey Lav Potter’s Porter
My Kiss Classic Pilsner
Flying Sailor Nord Skye
Brewery Vivant Brewing CO Brewed in: Grand Rapids, MI
Big Red Coq Hop Field 
Farm Hand (Farmhouse Ale) Tropical Saison
  Snow Patrol
  Zaison (Imperial Stout)
Cheboygan Brewing CO Brewed in: Cheboygan, MI
Blood Orange Honey  
Lighthouse Amber Ale
Founders Brewing CO Brewed in: Grand Rapids, MI
All Day IPA All Day IPA 15 pack can
Anniversary Backwoods Bastard
Breakfast Stout  
Centenial IPA Centenial IPA 12 pack can
  Devil’s Dancer
Dirty Bastard Double Trouble
Frangelic Mountain Harvest Ale
  KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout)
Mosaic Promise  
Old Crumundgeon  
Porter Reds Rye Ale
Greenbush Brewing CO Brewed in: Sawyer, MI
  Anger (Black IPA)
Brother Benjamin (Imperial IPA) Closure (Pale Ale)
Distorter (Stout-ish Porter) Dunegras (IPA)
Jadis Sunspot
Party Wolf
Griffin Claw Brewing CO Brewed in: Birmingham, MI
  Mr. Blue Sky
  Raggedy Ass IPA
Jolly Pumpkin Brewing CO Brewed in: Dexter, MI
Bam Biere Bam Noire
Calabaza Blanca E.S. Bam
Fuego del La Parcela
La Roja Luciernaga
Madrugada Obscura Maracaibo Especial
Noel de Biere Oro De Calabaza
Weizen Bam Biere
Keweenaw Brewing CO Brewed in: South Range, MI
Lift Bridge Brown November Pale Ale
Olde Ore Dock (Scotch Ale) Pick Axe Ale
Red Jacket Amber Ale Widow Maker Black Ale
New Holland Brewing CO Brewed in: Holland, MI
Cabin Fever (Brown Ale)  
Dragon’s Milk  
Full Circle (Kolsch)  
Hopivore (wet hop harvest ale) Ichabod (Pumpkin Ale)
Imperial Hatter IPA Mad Hatter IPA
  Night Tripper (Imperial Stout)
Pilgrim’s Dole (Wheatwine Ale) Poet (Oatmeal Stout)
Sundog (Amber Ale)
North Peak Brewing CO Brewed in: Traverse City, MI
Available upon request  
Petoskey Brewing CO Brewed in: Petoskey, MI
Minds Eye PA (IPA) Horny Monk (Belgian)
Hopsessed (June&July) Juicy
Sparkle (Lager)
Cranium Crush
Supper Trooper
Rightbrain Brewing CO Brewed in: Traverse City, MI
CEO Stout Spinal Tapper
Will Power (Pale Ale)
Naughty Girl Scout
Dead Kettle IPA
Saugatuck Brewing CO Brewed in: Saugatuck, MI
Available upon request  
Shorts Brewing CO Brewed in: Bellaire, MI
Year Round Offerings:
Huma Lupa Licious (American IPA) Local’s Light
Bellaire Brown (Brown Ale) Soft Parade (Fruit Infused Rye Ale)
Seasonal Offerings:
The Woodmaster (Dbl Brown Ale) Publican Porter (Imperial Porter)
Raisin Apollo (Double IPA) Aorta Ale (Double Red Ale)
Uncle Steve’s (Dry Irish Stout) Golden Rule (Golden Pale Ale)
Prolonged Enjoyment (American Pale) Freedom of 78′ (Guava IPA)
Anniversary Ale (Wheat Wine) The Curl (Imperial Pilsner)
Kolsch 45 (Kolsch) Spruce Pilsner (Imperial India Pilsner)
Strawberry Short’s Cake Beach Wheat (Hefeweizen)
Key Lime Pie Peaches n’ Cream
Ale La Reverend (Session IPA) Bloody Beer (Specialty Lager)
Noble Khaos (Oktoberfest Lager)
Black Cherry Porter (Robust Porter) The Magician (London Red Ale)
Kind Ale (Harvest Ale)
Chocolate Wheat (Strong Porter) Bludgeon Yer Eye (Black IPA)
Cup a Joe (Coffee Cream Stout) Liberator (Double IPA)
Good Humans (Double Brown Ale)
ControversiALE (American IPA)
– Formerly known as “Hangin’ Frank”
Jun.- Aug.
Nicie Spicie (Spiced Wheat Ale)
Autumn Ale (Extra Special Bitters)
MICHIGAN KEGS (1/6), (1/4), and (1/2) Barrels
Cheboygan $71.00 (1/6) $159.00 (1/2)
Founders Brewing:
All Day IPA $153.00 (1/2)
Backwoods Bastard $204.00 (1/4)
Breakfast Stout $112.00 (1/4), $198.00 (1/2)
Centennial IPA $97.00 (1/4), $153.00 (1/2)
Pale Ale $97.00 (1/4), $124.00 (1/2)
Porter $153.00 (1/2)
Petoskey Brewing:
Harbor Light, Horny Monk,
Minds Eye P.A., Morning Fog Stout,
Tucker’s Pale Ale, North 45 Amber Ale
$70.00 (1/6), $154.00 (1/2)
Right Brain $165.00 (1/2)
Saugatuck Brewery $154.00 (1/2)
Short’s Brewing:
Bellaire Brown $65.00 (1/6), $141.00 (1/2)
Huma-Lupa-Licious $94.00 (1/4), $157.00 (1/2)
Pandemonium Pale Ale $67.00 (1/6), $150.00 (1/2)
Pontius Road Pilsner $57.00 (1/6), $125.00 (1/2)


Brewer Selection
Abita Brewing:
Name Price/Size
Turbodog $147.00 (1/2)
Purple Haze $147.00 (1/2)
Big Sky Brewing:
Name Price/Size
Moose Drool $161.00 (1/2)
Trout Slayer $161.00 (1/2)
Fort Collins Brewing:
Name Price/Size
Rocky Mountain $181.00 (1/2)
Chocolate Stout $181.00 (1/2)
Lagunitas Brewing:
Name Price/Size
IPA $159.00 (1/2)


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